750 MW Manufacturing line
of Solar Cells
World's first
CB certified
company for
solar PV
issued by UL

Reimagining Tomorrow.
Renewing Today.

The world is defined by constant change,

At Premier Energies, we believe that change is a way forward only when it is towards the greater good. Our sustainable and energy efficient solutions, power new possibilities for the people and the planet.

Clean energy is here for the future. Our solar power plants are harnessing
renewable energy sources to accelerate growth and progress.

GW Manufacturing<br>line of solar modules
GW Manufacturing
line of solar modules
MW Manufacturing<br>capacity of solar cells
MW Manufacturing
capacity of solar cells
GW Solar Modules<br>Sold Worldwide
GW Solar Modules
Sold Worldwide
Countries of project expansion
Countries of project expansion

Where Next Meets Innovation

In a world where there is a much-needed form of alternative energy, we specialize in one of them. We aim to provide a cleaner form of energy through our range of products and services. We are a more than two-decade old company and employ dynamic personnel with years of technical expertise and business experience. We are situated in Hyderabad, equipped with an advanced manufacturing facility and strengthened by a strong R&D team. Our solar panels guarantee excellent performance stretching up to 25 years.

MW of Solar EPC projects
MW of Solar EPC projects
MW of Independent<br>power producer
MW of Independent
power producer
Solar Pumps Installed<br>and counting
Solar Pumps Installed
and counting
Villages Electrified
Villages Electrified

Products & Solutions

Premier Energies has been inspired by the idea of building a sustainable future through energy-efficient solutions. Apart from providing the best products to our customers, we also provide services to enhance the quality of products we manufacture.

Products: Solar Cell | Solar Module

Solutions: IPP | EPC - Rooftop, Ground Mounted, Water Pumps, Diverse

Independent power producer

Premier Energies, as an independent power producer owns and operates more than 130 MW solar power plants across India. These plants are monitored and maintained by in-house O&M team.

Solar EPC Worldwide

Premier Energies has commissioned over 650 MW of solar power plants. Our EPC division has commissioned ground mounted, rooftop, floating, canal bank, canal top and hybrid power generation systems.

Our integrated solar rooftop solutions involve a combination of solar panels array installed on the rooftop for the purpose of renewable energy consumption. The rooftop installations optimise the space for solar power energy conversion at commercial buildings, industries and residential properties. It helps you reduce electricity costs to create long-term savings!

For larger conversion and energy consumption with availability of space, ground-mounted solar panel arrays are the ideal solution for solar energy generation. On the ground, the panels can be pointed in the optimal direction for good sun exposure, which makes it the most easy and cost-effective solution.

Solar power is often the most economical and preferred technology for remote areas which are beyond the reach of power lines, Solar powered pumps can replace the regular pumping systems and can be used to irrigate crops, portable drinking water or water livestock. It is easy to install with low maintenance or fuel cost.

When it comes to providing a quality solution, our team of experts are amazed by the idea and that helped us to deliver some of the most innovative solutions across the country, Solutions like – Canal top and canal bank, Asbestos shed & parking structures, Floating solar solutions, Tracker & Hybrid solutions etc.

Awards & Recognitions

Being in the industry, we have benchmarked many milestones to be counted throughout the journey. This energises us to energise the next.

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